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The only thing I want

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The only mod I would like is one that simply allows me to select exactly how much of which item to be stored in each storehouse. just a simple drop down menu very basic very simple. I don't need 3,000 venison and 200 berries I need 560 of each spread over 4 storehouses. Also apply this to markets.

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i totally agree. I`d like to see this feature to the markets and stop them to store iron for example .

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Yes, I find the distribution of items across barns and markets very messy. Usually I make one dedicated forestry area, and build the gatherers hut and hunting lodge in the middle with the forester's lodge, together with a couple of houses for the workers, and a dedicated small barn so the gatherers don't have to walk miles to deposit one basket of mushrooms. But then some clever dick decides to drop off glassware in the gatherer's barn and then the preservist has to walk miles to retrieve them. Can't win. :{

Sometimes it works better if I can build a root cellar in my forestry area, but placing the darn thing requires a small hill, which is not always available.

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Yes, being able to designate storage for buildings would be great. The little storage buildings for workers - I thought that would be for butter and cheese for one, flour and butter for another - but NO! I find wool, clothing, tools, fish and everything else in there. It's a general-use building. Would be better if designated.