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Quick Fixes

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Quick Fixes

I just uploaded some quick bug fixes introduced with the last build. 1.0.6 is live on Steam. If you need to redownload it from Humble you can log in and grab it, or you can use this tool: https://www.humblebundle.com/resender. GOG.com should have an updated build shortly.

There's a new modkit, available here: BanishedKit_1.0.6.160521.zip, though there shouldn't be any changes to it from 1.0.5.

Changes in this build:

  • - Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on the town hall if a translation mod was in use that was built with 1.0.4. Missing text data will now be blank.
  • - Fixed a bug that caused orchards and pastures to not drop items inside their boundaries as was intended.
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