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Source control is amazing. 6th May 2021 Development Toys 15th March 2021 Designing the AI 16th February 2021 Save and Load 13th January 2021 Let’s sum up… 16th December 2020 Small Ideas, Big Changes 1st October 2019 Recurring Nightmares 12th August 2019 Art Test 30th January 2019 Game Code Design 9th November 2018 This is what game programming is like. 4th October 2018 New Stuff! 19th September 2018 1.0.7 Released 13th September 2017 1.0.7 Beta Version 3 12th June 2017 1.0.7 Beta Version 2 21st March 2017 On Creating Tools 20th February 2017 1.0.7 Beta 13th February 2017 Mega Update 6th February 2017 Passing values… 23rd June 2016 Quick Fixes 22nd May 2016 1.0.5 19th May 2016 Thoughts on Linux 9th April 2016 Three Month Update 30th March 2016 Beta 1.0.5 version 2 14th December 2015 Graphics Drivers 13th December 2015 Quick Update… 7th December 2015 OSX Progress 10th November 2015 Beta Build! 30th October 2015 Back to Development! 25th September 2015 OpenGL 1st May 2015 Shading Languages 30th March 2015 Porting: OpenGL and Shaders 14th March 2015 Porting: SIMD 16th January 2015 Porting: UTF-8 3rd January 2015 Update to Steam 1.0.4 23rd November 2014 Release 1.0.4 4th November 2014 Hotfix! 3rd October 2014 Beta Bug Fixes 3rd October 2014 Steam Workshop Beta 26th September 2014 Mod Kit Beta 26th August 2014 Forward Compatiblity 13th July 2014 Development Continues… 8th July 2014 Banished 1.0.3 20th June 2014 Laborer Update… 31st May 2014 1.0.2 Available! 28th May 2014 Want to help test version 1.0.2? 30th April 2014 Patch coming soon… 25th April 2014 Checking for Corruption 16th April 2014 Hardware Compatibility 11th April 2014 Post release is a busy time 25th March 2014 Working on an update… 27th February 2014 The Morning After… 19th February 2014 Released! 18th February 2014 Support & Bug Tracking 16th February 2014 Crunch Time & Compatibility Testing… 12th February 2014 Questions and Answers… 5th February 2014 Controllers, Ports, Mods and Languages 28th January 2014 Moving Screenshots 13th January 2014 Yesterday… 9th January 2014 On finishing… 2nd January 2014 Video Interview… 24th December 2013 Ask me anything! 16th December 2013 Getting there… 6th December 2013 More Bugs: Pathfinding Problems 21st November 2013 The trials of using C++ 17th November 2013 Adventures in Debugging 15th November 2013 The IGF 13th November 2013 Why am I doing more than just fixing bugs? 7th November 2013 News & Trailer 23rd October 2013 Tutorials & Achievements 10th October 2013 Old Hardware 2nd October 2013 Clarification… 27th September 2013 Too many executables… 27th September 2013 Audio 25th September 2013 Cemeteries 18th September 2013 Bug Squash! 17th September 2013 Feature Creep 16th September 2013 Whoops… 8th September 2013 Interview and new video 4th September 2013 Hardware bugs?? 13th August 2013 The Menu 5th August 2013 Two years ago… 31st July 2013 Tweaks, Changes, and Balance 18th July 2013 Reflections…. 28th June 2013 Interviews 25th June 2013 The Front End 18th June 2013 Seasonal Effects 6th June 2013 Addendum to Optimization…. 4th June 2013 Prototype code… 3rd June 2013 Adventures in Optimization… 29th May 2013 Orchards and tree generation 14th May 2013 Pumpkins make everything better. 11th May 2013 Game Design Flux, or How I learned virtual crop rotation isn’t fun. 7th May 2013 Tech Stuff #3: Pathfinding 29th April 2013 More Video! 24th April 2013 Play test screenshots! 23rd April 2013 Tech Stuff #2: AI 19th April 2013 This week in review… 12th April 2013 Q&A II 7th April 2013 Stone Roads 5th April 2013 Audio changes… 4th April 2013 Tech Stuff 1st April 2013 Artwork Variety 26th March 2013 Q&A 22nd March 2013 Videos! 20th March 2013 Pseudo Screenshots 16th March 2013 Optimization fun with mipmaps 12th March 2013 Testing… 8th March 2013 Explosion! 22nd February 2013 Alpha 20th February 2013 Slow Load Time! 14th February 2013 Cows! 13th February 2013 Gameplay Images 7th February 2013 January Update 26th January 2013 Developer Tools and Iron Mines 19th November 2012 Trade 15th November 2012 Things you can’t see 8th November 2012 Merchants and Trade 27th September 2012 Creating artwork 27th August 2012 Back to it… 23rd August 2012 Assert leads to Autosave! 11th June 2012 Update 5th June 2012 Another month gone by… 25th May 2012 Physicians, Herbalists, and Mayors 24th April 2012 More stuff 9th April 2012 Hunters and Orchards 3rd March 2012 Video! 16th February 2012 Last week… 14th February 2012 Optimzation, Instancing, and supporting older GPUs. 6th February 2012 Hunting wild animals 2nd February 2012 Livestock Pens 29th January 2012 Chickens… 25th January 2012 Component based game architecture 20th January 2012 Where did the last six months go? 17th January 2012 The story so far… 1st June 2011 The story so far… 1st June 2011