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Patch notes

Patch 1.0.5 (beta)

Build 151214

  • Fixed a bug that caused fonts from 1.0.4 to not load in 1.0.5. A UCS2 – UTF8 conversion wasn’t made properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused dropped resources (from citizen death/task cancelation) to drop in invalid places.
  • Fixed a bug that caused orchards to cause invalid data access and or data corruption if a citizen tried to harvest a tree, but the tree died before he got there.
  • Fixed a bug that caused potential memory corruption when cutting down an orchards trees.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if game startup failed before memory allocation was available or was corrupt. It now properly displays an error.
  • Added better error message if the game runs out of memory due to too many mods loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when loading old mods that had custom materials. The game will no longer crash, however objects with those materials will not display. To fix this issue, mods should be updated to the newest mod kit version and update the materials.

Patch 1.0.4

  • Modding ability had been added to the game. See here for more info.

Build 141123 (Steam-only)

  • Uploading mods to Steam Workshop now requires the user to have the original compiled data before packaging on disk (generally .crs files). The data must be in the same location it was build and match the files in the package. For example, if the mod was built in C:\BanishedKit\mymod\bin\, then all files created during mod compilation must remain in that directory for the mod to be added to Steam Workshop. Without the original data, the Add to Workshop and Update on Workshop buttons are unavailable. Current mods need to be rebuilt with Banished Kit 141123 before they can be updated.
  • No other changes to the game or mod kit have been made, so non-steam users can continue using build 141103.

Build 141103

  • Increased memory usage allowed for save games. This allows larger modded maps than default to be saved safely. However at some point very large maps will crash the game due to out of memory, or textures failing to be created.
  • Trade UI now expands automatically for orders.
  • Fix a bug that caused mods to become unreferenced in save games when opening the mod dialog in game and then pressing cancel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mods that should be unloaded to stay in memory if they were loaded at game start. This fixed random ghost buttons on the toolbar.
  • Fixed tutorials not progressing properly.

Build 141003 (beta)

  • Fixed mods not showing up on the toolbar.
  • Fixed crash when loading save games saved with 141001.

Build 141001 (beta)

  • Fixed a crash when disabling mods that had new map types.
  • Fixed the toolbar showing empty buttons in certain cases.
  • The trade UI now dynamically resizes to make sure all items can be shown at once. This fixes crashes when the general merchant comes with many mods that add resources enabled.
  • Fixed a rare crash that was caused by closing tooltips in a particular way.
  • xWMAEncode now uses the /bin parameter to located it.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed combo box drop downs to stay up if the parent button went away.
  • Added an option to draw the mouse cursor in software in cases where DirectX fails to display the cursor properly.
  • Moved 'clip mouse to window' option from Game options to input options.
  • Added a cursor option that allows the resource to specify the hot spot of cursors. This also facilitates the software cursor.
  • Added a Reset All option to the game launcher. This allows the game to reset to default settings if a setting is causing a game crash. The command line option /reset also does the same thing. Note this will unset achievements in non-steam versions.
  • Adding an option to the game launcher to disable use of DirectInput. This should allow systems where the mouse doesn't move to work properly, however only the left, right, and middle mouse buttons will be available.
  • Roads will now always draw roads no matter how many there are on the terrain.
  • Misc fixes for rare crashes.

Build 140925 (beta)

  • Updated to latest FBX sdk. This required moving x32 and x64 builds into their own folder since the dll name is the same for both 32 and 64 bit versions.
  • Added support for a cmd.txt file that contains command line parameters. cmd.txt must be in the same folder as the executable.
  • Added command line parameter /bin that tells the game where the main /bin folder is located relative to the executable. This allows a single bin/WinData folder to be used along side the x32 and x64 versions of the game.
  • Added a new variable to PackageFile resources, 'String _preview = "pngOrJpgPath";' This is a square preview image that is used when uploading mods to steam workshop. If not set, no preview image will be uploaded to steam.
  • Added Steam Workshop support. Mods can be created, updated, downloaded, and browsed in game. Any updates to subscribed mods will download automatically. A reload is required once downloads are complete.
  • Fixed tooltip text going outside the background boundaries.
  • Fixed combo boxes not displaying correcly after being enabled, disabled, then re-enabled.

Patch 1.0.3

  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur if two buildings overlapped.
  • Fixed splitting or emptying herds from pastures. This will no longer cause small pastures to become overfull.
  • Added an option to set the scale of status icons. This is useful in ultra wide resolutions where the icons become large.
  • Fixed a bug that caused large population cities to randomly unassign workers.
  • Fixed a pause/lag that would occur as the game reassigned workers to new professions.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the edges of tunnels to overlap other buildings.
  • Fixed an infinite loop that occured using the path tool when a citizen couldn't get from home to a workplace.
  • Citizens without a workplace will once again do any job on the map. Citizens that have jobs will generally still stay near their workplace unless work to be done has been around for several months and no general laborer has done it.

Patch 1.0.2

  • Mouse buttons now obey system setting for flipped left/right buttons.
  • Input options now allow binding of mouse actions.
  • Input settings can now be bound to any of eight mouse buttons.
  • Fixed a bug that cause meat and other resources to show up in the corner of the map.
  • Fixed being able to pop a building back into existence after being damaged by using the cancel removal tool or reclaim button.
  • Fixed grave count on cemeteries when it is marked for removal then reclaimed.
  • Fixed crash at trading post when trading, dismissing trader, and then selecting a custom order.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed auto purchase to over fill the trading post.
  • Fixed a bug that caused cycling through laborers to show children and students.
  • Foresters no longer cut down orchards.
  • Fixed water showing inside merchant boat.
  • Builders will no longer walk the long way around to the other side of a bridge or tunnel when constructing it if it's more than twice the distance to the closer side.
  • Fixed building pause icon staying up when a building completes construction after pausing construction.
  • Fixed a bug that caused starving or freezing people to get stuck in a loop doing the same job over and over if no food or warmth was available to resolve the starving or freezing issue.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pending roads to not be cancelable if they were under a tree, rock, ore, etc.
  • Fixed a bug that caused roads to be unremovable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused areas to be unusable after roads were removed in certain cases.
  • Dirt roads can no longer be quick removed by zoning over them with stone roads and then removing them. They now revert back to dirt roads and work has to be performed to remove them.
  • Placing stone roads over pending dirt roads no longer cause unusable areas.
  • Disasters are now disabled in tutorials.
  • Citizens are now more effective at fighting fires and putting them out.
  • When fires break out, citizens fighting the fire now run at high speed.
  • Citizens working in an area where a fire breaks out will now be interrupted to help fight the fire.
  • Fixed a bug that caused non-laborers to not fight fires.
  • Citizens fighting fires will only be interrupted by sickness, freezing, or starving.
  • Citizens will now only search for water in an area around the fire. Far inland areas need wells for fires to be fought.
  • Increased the number of citizens that can fight a single fire to 50.
  • Increased the area of effect for citizens fighting a fire.
  • If enough water is brought to a building on fire, the chance of the fire spreading is lowered.
  • Fixed a bug that caused buildings on fire not to be high priority.
  • Fixed a major slowdown in large towns when fires break out.
  • If citizens are already walking to get food at a distance location and become starved, they'll now interrupt the walk and get food at the closest market or storage barn.
  • If citizens are working far from home and become hungry, they'll eat food from their home as if they brought food with them. This will not interrupt the current task. If no food is available at home they will interrupt the walk and get food at the closest market or storage barn.
  • Because citizens can eat from home when far away, they can better deal with freezing, and visit a warm place when needed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused citizens not to warm up when eating at home in some cases.
  • Citizens now won't be assigned far away tasks without a specific profession (pickups, gathering, clearing, etc) unless the tasks have been around for a long time, or haven't been assigned to someone local. This keeps citizens far away from walking across the map in most cases.
  • Citizens now limit the distance they'll walk in the winter when it is very cold.
  • Tombstones now decay in 4-6 years instead of 13-17.
  • Existing tombstones have had their decay time reduced by half.
  • The trading post volume was been increased to 60000. This allows larger auto purchases to occur without overflowing storage. Existing trading posts need to be removed and replaced for this change to take effect.
  • Fixed several spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Fixed crash in audio streamer due to missing thread synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug that caused very wide screen displays to calculate an incorrect FOV.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a video card doesn't support sampling from a depth texture.
  • Windowed mode now allows resizing of the window.
  • Window position is now remembered and restored on game shutdown/startup.
  • Graphics initialization now has better error handling and exception recovery.
  • Added a game launcher that allows changing video settings if the game doesn't display properly on startup.
  • The game launcher only shows if an error occurred, on first time startup, ctrl is held on startup, or /launcher is on the command line.
  • Added selection of refresh rate to graphics settings
  • Added selection of graphics adapter to graphics settings.
  • Save games now check for truncation and crc validation to make sure save games haven't been corrupted.
  • The scene shown on the background of the main menu now has better error checking in case the file has become corrupt. If the file is corrupt it will show the original scene that the game shows on first time startup.
  • Files are now created in a temp directory and are moved after writes complete. This stops partial files from being created if a thread crashes while a background thread is performing file I/O.

Patch 1.0.1

  • Fixed a bug causing save games to fail.
  • Fixed a crash in the music player.
  • Fixed a startup crash when a video card doesn't support depth sampled textures.
  • The startup menu scene no longer displays the last seen area.
  • Added a command line switch /dx9 to force the game into dx9 mode.
  • Added a command line switch /dx11 to force the game into dx11 mode.
  • Added a command line switch /windowed to force the game to start windowed instead of fullscreen.

Patch 1.0.0 - Initial release