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1.0.7 Beta

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1.0.7 Beta

Here's a new Banished beta for the modding community to test out. It adds 10 mod-usable resource flags and resource limits. It also adds the ability to add these limits to the game windows that use them, such as the status bar, limits, and town hall production/graph. It also has a new memory allocator that doesn't have a hard limit on system memory used.

If you use these, please let me know how they work out. Thoughts, bugs, crashes, etc. Email support @ shiningrocksoftware . com


Without further ado, here's the beta mod kit:


Be sure to check out the documentation. There's a new section on using the resource limits and a new example mod that enables them all.

Here's a patch for 1.0.6 to Beta


Note that you need to apply the patch to version 1.0.6. Previous versions of the game won't work with this patch. Once downloaded, just unzip the archive into the folder where you have Banished installed. This is usually C:\Program Files\Shining Rock Software\Banished\.

As always the Beta is up on Steam. If you are using Steam, go into your game library and right click on Banished. Select properties, and then in the windows that opens, select the BETAs tab. Select the drop down and pick Beta Test for 1.0.7.

With either the patched version or steam beta, the base game won't change (except for a few minor bug fixes), but they'll let you run mods generated with the new mod kit.

Again, let me know how this build works out.


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