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Hunting Cabin

Hunting Cabin preview


Logs x 34
Stone x 12

A hunting cabin can be placed in forests or open areas where wild animals roam. Hunters will search the area around the cabin in search of animals. In addition to providing venison, hunters use the animals hide to produce leather which can be turned into clothing by a tailor.

A hunter will kill a deer when they come into contact with one, and then head straight to the nearest storage barn to drop off the meat and leather, without stopping at the hunting cabin. After each kill, no more deer will be killed by any of the building's hunters for 2 months - this limits the maximum to 6 deer per year.

An educated hunter produces 200 venison and 6 leather per deer, but uneducated workers have a greater chance to produce less (160 food) per kill.

Hunters are the least affected of the food producers by not having tools, as most of their time is spent wandering around searching for deer.