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New Ideas for the game

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I just love playing banished... Its awesome. Specially the new CC mod. I have been playing this game for a year now... and got some new ideas for the game. I'm not sure whether they are possible to come alive as a mod, but still I wish to know if someone is interested....

1) Is it possible to add "Tiger" (as wild animal) to the game? Tigers can be in special maps or maps with deep forest. New profession : "Guard" . Guard will secure limited area of the town from the tigers. "Guards" will be able to kill tigers and take leather. if there is no guard on job then Tigers can roam around the town (just like deer) and kill (eat) citizen. This could create a massive challenge in the survivable of citizen. This could be known as "Tiger Mod".

2) The game already has duck, chicken, cow, sheep, pig, bison, horse and deer. Than why not rats? Cats? and Dogs? Rats could appear like "natural deserters" (like fire, disease, tornado). Rats will attack barn house as well as normal houses (wooden/stone) and eat(destroy) all the food inside. To kill the rats we need cats. New building : "Cat House". Cat House can keep cats to secure limited area from rats. Cats can be trade at the trading post. Eventually cats can die (normal death) after 5-10 years so that we can trade more cats. Cats will need milk/fish for survival . Labors will deliver milk/fish at the Cat House. Otherwise cats will die due to starvation.

New building: "Dog House". Dog House will keep dogs to help labors picking up resources within limited area. Dogs will pick up any item on the ground and take it to stockpile or barn. Dogs can be trade from trade post. Dogs will need meat/crop for survival. Labors will deliver food at Dog House or else they will die in hunger. Similar to Cats they will survive for 5-10 years. NOTE: Dogs will not clear area, they will only pick up resources left by the labors. For example, when labors are clearing an area, they use tools to clear trees/herbs etc and left them as logs/herb baskets etc. Dogs will pick up those logs/herb baskets/fruit baskets/iron & stone cuts etc. This will help collecting resources faster. This could be known as "Pet Mod".

Besides rats, cats and dogs roaming around the town just like the citizen will surely give the game a new look. And don't forget the new buildings.

I have more ideas for the game. And not all of them are animal related. Leave a reply so that I feel awesome while telling rest of the ideas.

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These are neat ideas, but from the looks of the modkit, a meaningful implementation doesn't seem possible.
That doesn't mean you should feel any less awesome, because that's some really cool stuff that I'd love to see!

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I've also posted this on the mod suggestions page.

I don't know if any of you ever played pharaoh and pharaoh queen of the nile. In much views banished is a similar game.
The reason I mention this is because for me and as I've read for many others there are quite some features in this game that are suggested as mods for banished. A quick look at the game might give developers as glance at what might be added to banished.
I really like the way stockyards and other storage facilitys work in Pharaoh, there are many recources as well as defensive structures and invaders, religion etc...
So I wouldn't mind seeing some of those features (mostly the storage function) from pharaoh into banished.

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Citizen improvement, adding a third tab that show if he/she has tools, clothes, and a handcart. Some kind of icon that show a "check" in green, or whatever color they put.
Handcarts cam be build/crafted with wood and iron, in the blacksmith. It will help citizen carry more resource at time, and may with a speed penalty. 25% less speed in normal terrain, normal speed in dirt road, and a bonus speed in the stone road.
They already use a handcart when transfer resources to the trading post, why not use it all the time when they have one? It's not cheating, it's what really happen in our history.
There are lots of things peopple may like to see in the game.
If the devs take a look in our history, they will see that they can do a lot more for the game, adding more options, tools, buildings, resources, and so on.
Moders are doing this all the time, why not the devs?


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Not to entirely rain on your parade, but you don't feed a ratter. Food is the incentive cats have to hunt down rats. (They'll do a bit for sport, but the ones without feed do a much better job.) This is probably a big part of why housecats are so independent - a good chunk of their breeding selects for fending for themselves rather than being cute and cuddly like a dog. Of course, this has the side effect of making extremely unfriendly cats, and the SPCA will get on your case, so don't try it IRL.

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I like the idea of citizen improvement...along with that, why not house improvement too? Yes, I know that in the latest CC mod, you can upgrade many of the houses yourself now, but it would be nice if some of the things like beds and bedding, pottery etc could be taken into the houses as usable items for the citizens. It seems that we usually only make these things to sell, or for being able to build better houses.

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In banished we have horses and ships but none of these seems to be able to transport goods or people.
Is it possible for any of you clever people to make a mod for ex horse and waggon or ferry?

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I would like a mod that lets me paint the ground like grass or a mod that lets us lower the ground to create ponds or lakes

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Ghost Roads that can be placed under buildings that serve no purpose just for looks

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Promote more children.
More options for house and road placement (NE, NW, SW, SE) so that there is more variety.
Want to have more options for work, but the labor page gets too big - even when scrolling. Is there any way to only show the workers in applicable jobs? Add as necessary, or remove when necessary.
I want to sculpt shorelines a little bit, lowering the land till it's underwater. Sometimes, a lake is cut off, but it would be a great place to put a trading post or port.
How about higher education - maybe a university?