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CC - Hi please make more of this.

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I don't like cheating but I have to... See the big space thats for iron otherwise I would be fine. Also the food is WAY too slow.

Totally sustainable on the water cities!

HOWEVER I would be fine with roughin it but right now, as is the concept is not viable- youve teased me and i want it all now

-If I could somehow make all of this myself-

-stock pile like storage or maybe even a real stockpile just on docks - unless stock pile items can also go in storage there is currently no way to store stone - which I guess is ok because its not needed or used =P
-3x3 dock platforms, maybe even ones with decorative things like a fountain, a pool thing in the middle, statues, maybe a giant shark hanging by the tail
-more food variety as you can by see by the hearts even tho they have food they arent exactly livin it up (i just happened to start w/ chickens other wise i would only have mollusks and fish) - maybe grow rice without the seeds, just inefficient so its not spammed in normal play - some type of gatherer would be nice but idk where you get blueberries in the ocean - maybe a diver gatherer hut that pulls up corral plants to eat? same concept circle and all
-A way to get iron -maybe some sort of drill like mine or, a dredger that constantly digs and sifts through the same location as the sandy bottom refills itself with the current - right now there is no way to get iron so its literally impossible to survive unless you want to live without tools - as you can see I had to powerlevel the land and install a mine before I could fully cut myself off from land
-a real blacksmith
-basically everything that is on land but on water... thats what i want

a guy can dream...

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- a new waterworld mode of play that creates a map with much less land then the current waterworld- but always has a small island in the relative middle of the map you can start from/mine ore at