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Best crops to grow

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I've noticed that different crops grow at different speeds, and aslo that different crops don't die as fast when its below freezing.

I've read around, and it sounds like pumpkins and squash are the most resilient of the crops, whereas beans and corn are the fastest growing. Does anyone know how fast they grow in relation to each other, as I've not been able to find this out for all the crops. It would be good to get a full list here for future reference.

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I never use the pumpkins, and only occasionally the squash, as I have found they need more people to get them thru the growing season. Like for a 13 x 13 crop field, normally 4 farmers, I'll need 5-6 for the pumpkin and squash, just so I'll get 100% out of it in the one season. Beans and peppers are the fastest, corn and wheat and potatos are about average.

Richard Simpkin
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Crops grow when the weather is warm enough but not too hot. Too-hot summer weather pauses them until things cool down. (I think of it as a drought stunting their growth, though as far as I know the amount of rain makes no difference.) There's a table posted somewhere showing each crop's temperature range. Off the top of my head, pumpkins are first to stop (along with orchards).

Newly planted crops lie dormant until the weather becomes warm enough. I guess beans are first to start growing, and this is why they can reach such a high % of yield before early summer.

"Not warm enough" is one thing, actual frost and snow another. That kills whatever % of seeds farmers plant before the thaw. With single-farmer fields especially, many fields fortuitously escape damage thanks to the delay while farmers, who want to start planting regardless, finish whatever they'd been doing at the end of winter. I prefer to make certain by de-assigning them for the winter.

(I wish there could be a global work/don't work button for all fields at once.)

In the interval between finishing planting and starting harvesting, does it make any difference at all how well the crops are tended?

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I have found it doesn't matter all that much. Yeah, they do grow just a LITTLE bit faster when tended, but you can pretty much leave them alone once the "harvest" button is activated, and then just come back to it when it reaches 100% or late summer.....with orchards, you can pretty much just have the work button activated enough to harvest, then off again for the winter (or they will work on thru the winter). I do this and get max labor out of my people, yet still have good harvests.